Monday, March 26, 2012

LAUSD gets a Social Media Director

Here at notyetLAUSD we've been doing our own social media longer than the actual LAUSD, the difference is that LAUSD's social media is good.  That's right LAUSD is doing something better than notyetLAUSD.  I'm waiving the white flag and since I can't beat you, maybe you'll adopt me and spread the good word through the social webs on my behalf.

For those of you outraged over the $7,000 taxpayer bill for this position, get over it. The $86K in grant money would never go to a classroom teacher and does not need to be wasted on another iPad cart.

Read the LAUSD facebook page
  • Positive stories about events in the district
  • There are stories about LAUSD students and their schools, its great to spark confidence and desire in both students and teachers to see what their respective peers are doing
  • I ignore the posts on Monica Garcia and the LA Times, you can do that on facebook
On the other hand the UTLA homepage had no direct link to the email they sent out today complaining about an out of classroom position for Social Media director being announced the same week as the sent out 11,000 RIF notices.  Yes the timing sucks, but John Deasy is a master Donkey Puncher he's never had good timing.  Maybe the social media director could do a better job with the announcements.

If UTLA's staff of 4 people in their communications division have no bigger issue than a $7,000 gambit on promoting its district and the timing, there is a $700 million surplus at LAUSD that could use some fresh eyes.  Also UTLA you forgot to note that LAUSD Facebook page has only 872 likes and hasn't updated their time line to even include when it was founded, you get what you pay for.

I agree with Magnet Angel that college interns and staff at Beuadry should be doing this already, but college interns are flakey and Beaudry staff are there because they didn't want to be in a school.  Give Stephanie Abrams a chance. 2 weeks in and I'm enjoying a bit of sunshine.

Now go like LAUSD's $93,000 facebook page, I bet you will find at least one story a week you'll want to share with your students.

for comparison here is the UTLA facebook page

I would tell you to go to the LAUSD homepage for the facebook, twitter, and YouTube links, but they are not there.

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