Sunday, January 15, 2012

but no other orifice was available.

notyetLAUSD will not talk sweetly to you and then punch you in the face.  There is a disturbing trend of sugar coating bad news starting at the highest levels of government and working its way down local school districts.  Whether it is Obama signing NDA Act, best covered by Colbert.

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Or maybe every time you hear Arne Duncan say "Teaching is more than just test scores and needs to include the arts,"  you think "YES!"  Then you read Race to the Top and you see that only test scores are being focused on, you think "f$$K!"

Or maybe it is your Superintendent at the start of a letter about Prop 39 and schools:

"I am writing to inform you that, after carefully weighing various educational, safety, and space-related factors, and benefiting from the valuable engagement and recommendations of Local District Leadership and Board offices..."  and you think all right this can't be too bad

but then...
"I personally approved a preliminary proposal for a charter school to potentially co-locate on your campus in the upcoming school year (list attached). This is a painstaking process and while there will be impacts to campuses, we have worked diligently to minimize the impact on campuses, and most importantly, to students."  right up the old pucker without a drop of KY.

For a list of all schools getting Donkey Punched please read here.  Its a long list.  (If you don't know what Donkey Punched means it is completely NSFW.)

notyetLAUSD will tell it to you straight.  

Dear Principal,

We noticed you are under enrolled and I am not much interested in changing enrollment patterns unless the Board forces me to.  Therefore I am giving up a part of your school to a charter school in accordance with Prop 39.  Yes this is probably the same charter school that has been dumping the kids it can handle on you all year and the low test score kids on you right before CSTs.  Please allow this charter school to recruit top students from your school.  Your library, cafeteria and common area are now belong to charter.



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