Thursday, October 20, 2011

notyetLAUSD open response to AALA

Dear AALA,

Stop your whining. This is your only warning. notyetLAUSD will not tolerate the blather of complaints put forth in your recent editorial “THE CLIMATE OF FEAR AT BEAUDRY." We are for the children, and we would suggest you get on the side of children too. You don’t want to be an administrator, fall back on your teaching credential. There is no shortage of people waiting to take your position.

“When secrecy, isolation, cronyism, self-protection and a “gotcha” attitude prevail, teamwork is impossible.” If this is what it take to teach the 21st century student, then we are all aboard.

“They do the minimum necessary to get along and oftentimes turn on their colleagues.“ – That is why we have high standards, because you dullards are good for just the minimum.

“Cynicism increases. Allowed to go unchecked, fear can be insidious, damaging the health of individuals involved and, ultimately, the organization itself.” – Blah, blah, blah

“Ensure department heads manage their staff members by engaging their talent and energy as opposed to demanding sheeplike compliance.” -We are wolf pack, we’ve made a pledge. If you are not part of the wolf pack, you are a sheep.

notyetLAUSD knows that fear is a powerful tool that we need to capitalize on the fear culture in these economic times to reach our goals. The 21st century student needs to be prepared for the ultra-competitive world they are going to enter. If administrators and teachers are not able to cope with our 21st century methods, they shouldn't be in front of children. Compliance and the status quo have no place in the 21st century. notyetLAUSD knows where this world is going with sheep-like compliance and we’re following the path like a pack of wolves.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

go away #occupyLAUSD

notyetLAUSD is insulted by the 99% #occupyLAUSD movement.  With current Superintendent John Deasy seeking “$200 million in the first three to five years, that is correct. And then I want $500 million overall.” Who do you think is going to pay that kind of money?  The top 1%...duh.  Do you think the top 1% will donate money if there are calls for the removal of corporate money and influence.  Do you think the top 1% are going to give money if they can't direct how it’s spent, we’re not expecting any donations here. 
Already there is a clear role the top 1% has played in shaping current LAUSD policy, look no further than LAUSD sponsors Walton Family, Wasserman and Broad who pay the salary of multiple high level district leaders who have transitioned from Billionaire Boy’s club salary to LAUSD salaries.  Even the Superintendent is a product of the 1% Broad’s Superintendent School.  The 1% have already seen a huge return on investment in their work with LAUSD, we cannot reach out private money fund-raising efforts unless we continue to court them.  We are going to need the top 1% business savvy if we are to start our “elect-to-work” agreements, they are the best at using such agreements.
If we don’t do what the top 1% say, we won’t be able to hire a librarian.  Are you , the 99%, saying you hate librarians?

notyetLAUSD would ask that the protesters simply go home.  Better yet, we would like the 99% to come back with an apology for offending the 1% and our current Superintendent. 

In solidarity to those who can fund our school's recovery, notyetLAUSD

P.S. 1%'s please excuse the protesters we would really like your money, and more importantly your leadership.  Some of us here do value$$$ your work.