Tuesday, March 13, 2012

notyetLAUSD budget realities

LAUSD has taken the lead on addressing budget realities.  Where as the PEAC wing of UTLA, AALA, and UTLA each see a different budget reality than LAUSD Beaudry, LAUSD Beaudry sees budget realities.  If I were cynical I would talk about how LAUSD needs to change their domain budgetreality.lausd.net to budgetrealities.lausd.net, but they already did. I WIN!

From the LAUSD Budget Realities website:

“This website was created to give employees, students, parents and education partners an accurate presentation of LAUSD budget realities. Please review the pages on this website to learn how we are focusing our efforts on instruction, reducing our spending, and working with our bargaining units to find shared solutions and agreements on furlough days and other cost-saving measures.” 

I call this explanation and the site Fair and Balanced®

But what about other Budget Realities not represented in LAUSD’s realities.

PEAC These are increases from 2010-11 to 2011-12 (same time as enrollment is declining) from

·      4.2% increase in Superintendent office salaries

·      97% increase in instructional materials up to $81.6 million

·      59% increase in general supplies

·      $12.3 million increase in library supplies (library services were but 71%)

·      315% increase in travel and conferences to $24.9 million

·      Added new administrative positions to pilot a new evaluation system

UTLA 16 Budget changes to make now

1.  Open the books in public now.  The budget approval process last June was criminal.  Board Members got the proposed budget only a week in advance.  Forget about the public.  Even the City and County have processes that demand weeks and months of advance conversation.  The District doesn't.  Open the books in public now.

2.  Cut salaries in the Supe's office.  It was estimated to stay the same in 2011-12 amidst massive cuts in all other salaries.

3.  Cut DIBBLES and other assessments.

4.  Cut the early start calendar.  That would save money this academic year.

5.  End the two major consulting contracts the District has around VAM/AGT and teacher evaluation.

6.  Sell Beaudry or rent it out.  Have District staff work from school sites threatened with Prop 39 co-location.  

7.  Cut instructional materials (how many corporate contractors?).  It was estimated to increase in 2011-12.

8.  Cut general supplies (how many corporate contractors?).  It was estimated to increase in 2011-12.

9.  Cut travel and conferences.  It was estimated to increase in 2011-12.

10.  Cut insurance costs. It was estimated to increase in 2011-12.

11.  Cut rentals, leases, and repairs. It was estimated to increase in 2011-12.

12.  Cut buildings and improvements. It was estimated to increase in 2011-12. 

13.  Cut other services and operating expenses. It was estimated to increase in 2011-12.

14.  Cut interfund transfers. It was estimated to increase in 2011-12.

15.  Cut sub-agreements for services. It has ballooned, even as of the December interim report on the LAUSD budget.

16.  Go into the LAUSD reserve.

AALA open letter

Available here:
(read the whole thing)

All realities are valid.  What assumptions you take with you and how you reason to accept one reality over another…

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