Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Right Wing Rhetoric Bingo

Inspired by Rick Santorum's reference to Rachel Maddow where non-existed I realized just how much the right wing uses the same phrases over and over.  I would've created a drinking game based on the repeated word thing, but I'm trying to lose weight.

Solution:  Right Wing Rhetoric Bingo
Instructions: Tune into any fair and balanced right leaning broadcast and start covering phrases.  You can use your favorite BINGO patterns, play with friends or alone. (currently updates every 5 minutes, or go here to see the whole sheet)

Growth Potential: I do a similar thing with reform jargon, but its really easy to expand.  I'm thinking there is an App in this here idea, provide 24 -60 catch words and share the bingo game as a peer competition.

Update (7/21):  Please use comments to leave new words to include in the Bingo tiles.  

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