Monday, July 18, 2011

LAUSD Board will take 300% raise, give up revolving door

300% Raise 

notyetLAUSD will raise LAUSD Board member salaries to $138,000.  Currently LAUSD board members earn $46,000, roughly what a new teacher earns.  LAUSD board members manage $5-$7 Billion in public funds for education.  This will represent the first raise since 2007.  Do you know anywhere else where 7 people earning such a penance control a budget larger than many states.

Why are we paying more?  Charter Schools.

We have learned a best practice from Charter Management Organizations, they have privately selected board members not accountable to the public that often earn between $120K to $215K.   CMO's have higher board member salaries and higher test scores (on average), correlation? I think not. 

How do we pay the new salary? Private Fund-raising 

End of the Revolving Door 

notyetLAUSD will make Board Members sign a 3 year moratorium on taking a position with any entity that contracts with or provides guidance to LAUSD.  Marleen Canter left LAUSD to join Green Dot’s board, the Board's go to team to run schools it can't handle 1, 2.  Yollie Flores left LAUSD to join a Gates foundation project. These individuals should take their expertise gleamed while serving on the board and share it.  These individuals should not be jumping from leading a public institution into a private entity that influences the public institution immediately.  Congress members can’t lobby for a set period of time. Board members will have plenty of opportunity to comeback and influence LAUSD.

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