Friday, July 22, 2011

California's Audacious Plan to move up to 25th in the nation

notyet LAUSD is pleased to release this peer-reviewed and balanced working paper on how to move California from 36th up to 25th in Ed-weeks rankings.  We believe in this audacious plan and ask you to join the revolution to reach the median.   Status quo be damned California will succeed!

Pledge your support in our comments.

"One day my child will at least be mediocre" - Parent

"California will no longer be on the ass's end of education" -Generic politician

"Finally a bold and courageous voice for parents" - Rheefomrer

*Depending how you look at it in California, where notyetLAUSD is located, we rank somewhere between 14th and 43rd in the nation on various metrics of resources given to students overall about 36th.  We do great on policy and standards above 25th percentile, but we fall far behind on funding and support of actual learning.  Join the race to the middle.

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