Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Straight to the Guilt: Specialized Medicine Learning Complex at Miramonte Elemententary School

If you have video, please enjoy the three minutes and fifty-five seconds below.  (Semi-suitable for work)

If you don’t have video, stop reading and go somewhere you can watch the video.
 You saw that?

Your welcome.

 In light of this article in the Long Beach Press “Plan to split Carson High into 3 schools riles parents, teachers,  I was drawn to the following quote.

"Better to go through high school with a free education and know if that's what you want to do in college or not, than to wait for college to find out," said Rosie Martinez, the instructional director for LAUSD's Intensive Support and Innovation Center.

Pause.  Take a moment and see if you know where notyetLAUSD is going to go with this.  (hint: “Straight to the Guilt” + “Opportunity to explore a career prior to college”)

NotyetLAUSD is pleased to announce the Specialized Medicine Learning Complex at Miramonte Elementary School.  notyetLAUSD will split Miramonte Elementary into four smaller schools, each with a specialization in a different type of medicine.

1.     Clinical neurophysiology “NP” Learning Center 
2.     Otorhinolaryngology “Oto” Learning Center
3.     Vascular Surgery Learning “VSL” Center
4.     Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery “Oro” Learning Center

We are giddy at the prospect of unilaterally changing the composition of Miramonte…again.  This time we will give our youth the chance to experience a career for free, before they go to college.  We believe that when parents look back on these changes they will see that notyetLAUSD continues to be at the forefront of innovation.  

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