Monday, July 23, 2012

Drones to the Rescue

 notyetLAUSD is pleased to announce our new partnership with Los Angeles based military avionics firms to bring drone planes to solve the reading gap faced by many of Los Angeles' neediest children.  Based upon a military drone seen below, the guns and missiles have been swapped out for loud speakers. 

Successful tests have already been run with “The Little Engine That Could” and “The Butter Battle Book.”

These drones avoid the costs associated with staffing preschool.  Instead trained pilots in an undisclosed bunker in Nevada will take their skills spent flying missions over Afghanistan

and will instead be flying over LA’s poorest neighborhoods, depicted in BIG RED circles.

"When I heard 'a war budget leaves every child behind,' I thought 'that doens't have to be'.  Every child has a right to hear at least one book before they go to bed, it raises student effectiveness” – said ®eform PhD. Thanks to this program we can expect every child in LAUSD to hear at least one book per night and we hope to increase capacity to two books per night.  Besides installing the loud speakers, $2 billions of dollars were spent on special modifications to reduce the engine noise 5db.  Sweet dreams Los Angeles.

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