Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Taking a break from trying to cast a bold vision for LAUSD, we need to address another part of the LAUSD equation, UTLA.  UTLA has turned over a new leaf,  UTLA will now bend over and do whatever LAUSD says, maybe UTLA will now do what notyetLAUSD says.

On July 5th all UTLA teachers will find their paychecks 20% smaller. Why are teacher paychecks 20% smaller?

LAUSD took advantage of a loophole in the UTLA contract passed last spring 2011 in a 3 day rushed vote by outgoing UTLA president A.J. Duffy.  UTLA rank and file never got a pro/con sheet for the contract, a first for anyone working here.  At this point it should not be a surprise that LAUSD would have a back door to more furlough days.

In January of 2012 LAUSD declares its intent to take more furlough days in this school year even though this years budget income exceeded the magic trigger number when furloughs would have kicked in.  Basically UTLA agreed to furlough days if the district received less than $4,500 from the state, the district in fact received $4,700.  At this point LAUSD proposed taking out one furlough day a month to soften the blow on teachers.

 UTLA decided to go to arbitration to fight LAUSD on the furloughs and perform an act of "fighting for teacher pay".  I'm not sure what takes three months?  The 3 months delay caused by arbitration means that all furlough days fall on one check.  The lack of communication from UTLA to suggest that arbitration might fall in LAUSD's favor screws over every teacher who now has a 20% cut in their July pay check.   The lack of communication from UTLA to suggest that arbitration might fall in LAUSD's favor is a sign the UTLA members will not want to participate in the union.  Why did UTLA think arbitration would start ruling in their favor?

At what point does an LAUSD teacher find Beaudry to have their back before their union?

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Miss Deed said...

Utla has thrown teachers to hyeanas, didnt you get the memo? Unions really are part of what ails us, at least in LA where the contentous discord between the two is not unlike WWWFSaturday night smack down. It was a role a pugilist like Duff enjoyed and Cortines, in his Hermes tie appeared too refined for,, until he pitched woo to the Jason's of education , didnt bothed to butter us up in the end! we always understood they were two heads belonging to the same beast,
Kinda saw it coming after the SLC lfiasco. Every time you start getting it right they pull the rug out. ',thats why academic freedom is important. So is sound leadership.

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