Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sexual reassignment to solve graduation crisis

If you haven't heard, we need 100% college or career ready.  We know that on average a high school degree is worth $1.2 million over a lifetime while a bachelor's degree is worth $2.1 million (according to these people). That is roughly $0.57 on the dollar that the high school grad makes on the bachelor's degree's dollar.

Depending on what facts you believe, women make $0.77 on the dollar of men.

One solution that notyetAUSD school board should study is the effect of reassigning our female population to male.  This will not fix the gap our students currently face completely, but it might very well be the most cost-effective solution.  Based on a single Google search the cost of a reassignment can run around $50,000 or about 10 years of education.  As wise stewards of tax payer resources and our scale as the second largest school district there is enough reason to think we could get a group discount on reassignment.  Our Board needs to pass a resolution and tie up our district staff with countless hours of research into effects of reassigning our females to male.

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