Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wasserman foundation pays $4 million in reparations to LAUSD for PSC.

notyetLAUSD is excited that the Wasserman foundation will begin to pay reparations to thousands of school teachers across LAUSD who have had to devote countless hours of their time to writing PSC plans.  notyetLAUSD sees the Wasserman foundation responsible for PSC in its role of paying for several key staffers to work at LAUSD to help write PSC.  Thanks to the Wasserman foundation thousands of teachers at public and charter schools had to devote tens, usually hundreds of hours, to writing their school’s plan for PSC bids.  For those teachers at public schools and many charters, they had to take time away from supporting instruction to write a plan that will not be read.

While not explicitly stated, we cannot imagine the sorrow and hurt the Wasserman foundation must have felt when it realized its well-intentioned PSC plan actually cost thousands of students many thousands of hours of attention from their teachers.  Wasserman foundation might have even felt a twinge of discomfort for labeling schools failures based on painfully simplistic criteria to be put on PSC.

The program is available for all LAUSD students because many students affected by the Wasserman foundation’s PSC plan are now at different schools.  The cynic might say this is ultimately about giving iPad2’s to all teachers to teach literacy to kids who didn’t learn good in Elementary.  notyetLAUSD sees the true altruistic and noble nature of the Wasserman foundation’s attempt to right a wrong.  We applaud the Wasserman foundation and encourage all of our readers to donate their $15 toward a teacher’s iPad2. 

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