Tuesday, November 22, 2011

notyetLAUSD to release Value Added Parent Score

Tiger Parents rejoice, Value Added Parent scores are the technocratic validation you have been waiting for.  Are you tired of waiting 16 years to see if you child made it into Harvard a year early?  Get instant validation on your parenting thanks to Value Added Parent scores.

LAUSD  is sitting on a treasure trove of Value Added Parent Scores.  Before Teacher Value Added scores are calculated, LAUSD calculates student level growth.   Every child has a value added growth score.  Student value added scores are based on student growth on CST tests after statistically nullifying the impact of gender, race, English language learner status, free-and reduced-price lunch (poor), disability (severe and mild) an homelessness. 

LAUSD simply needs to take the student growth scores and account for teacher effects on student growth, like years teaching and student's prior test performance. 

After we recalculate student performance and statistically nullify the social effects on students as well as the teacher effects we are left with Parent effects.  A rough translation of the formula is Student Scores - Social factors - Teacher factors = Parent Value

We plan to release these scores directly to parents, wait a few minutes and then wait for the LA Times to sue us to release the Value Added Parent Scores.  We will pretend to care about the scores being released, wait a few weeks and make them public.  Finally we will let the LA Times release a database of Parent Value Added scores.

Please use the comments about what we should do with the top 10% or parents and bottom 10% of parents.

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