Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why no parent sends their child to a Failing School

A study commissioned by LAUSD by Families In Schools reports that 75% or more of parents at PSC schools like their school.  Public School Choice (PSC) schools are supposedly the worst schools in the district, so why do the overwhelming majority of parents like their piece of $h!t failing school.   Something must be wrong with the parents and that is just one reason LAUSD has voted to get rid of Parent Advisory Vote on PSC.  

The fact is parents don’t send their kids to failing schools.  The school a parent sends their child to is a good school, if they don’t like their neighborhood school they fake an address, go to a charter, open enrollment or magnet school.  Heck parents can even just show up at a school they like and the school will likely take them just to keep enrollment up.  Parents have a ton of choices in LAUSD, so if a parent is sending their kid to a failing school, do you really need to slap them in the face by calling it a f---ing school?

Why do we need so many f--ing schools?   Because there is gold in those f---ing schools.  As long as a school is f--ing you can buy expensive consultants and programs.  No growing or successful school ever gets extra money.  Charter schools make the most money (synthesized here) when they set up shop near an f--ing school in a poor area.   Chances are most f---ing schools are in poor neighborhoods, I like to call these f---ing neighborhoods.  Chance are if you’re poor, you are told you are f---ing at life.  

The definition of f---ing school depends on it revenue potential.  In LAUSD we can’t stand f---ing schools, but when a charter operator institutes a formal system of cheating and fails to provide even the most minimal of academic standards we give this school a second chance.  

notyetLAUSD wants to set a new policy on what an f--ing school is.  We have overused the term “failing school” to the point that it will soon lose its appeal for bringing in investors. The graph below shows how mind share for the term “failing school” is on the wain.

notyetLAUSD is going to take bids for new euphemisms for f--ing schools.  Please use the comments section to make a suggestion for a school that is poor but not actually committing any crimes.  Ideally we are trying to describe schools with expensive dedicated teachers who have stuck it out at these schools for years, be in a low income area to count toward tax credits for investors, have descent space to fit a charter school for extra prop 39 funds.

current ideas:
F---ing schools
Delinquent schools
Drop-out factory
Blight schools
Money bags
Investment Schools

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Leonard Isenberg said...

My name is Lenny Isenberg and I put out, which I have done for the last 2 years. LAUSD et al survive, because they are able to silence the majority that want better schools. If you read my last 2 posts, you will see how UTLA's attorneys Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad help facilitate the corrupt you and I are aware of and that most civilians out of public education have no idea about, because of the mainstream media blackout on the topic. Get in touch.

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