Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elect to Learn Agreements

Elect to Learn Agreements and the end of family tenure at LAUSD

notyetLAUSD realizes that Elect to Work Agreements are cumbersome to implement, promote cheating, do not improve educational outcomes, and parent’s just don’t care. Parents care about Elect to Learn Agreements (ELA).

ELA’s are the secret sauce parents crave at charter schools and LAUSD magnet schools.  An Elect to Learn Agreements is a code of conduct parents agree to so their child can enroll at a school.  Failing to meet the standards of an ELA results in the expulsion of that student to their neighborhood school.  Because of the infallibility with which a parent views their child, they see ELA’s as a welcome brand of distinction to assign their family.  ELA’s also assure parents that their child is at a school with like minded parents and thus just ever so slightly less, not enough to notice, infallible peers.  Elect to Learn Agreements give parents the elitist feeling that lets them know they are doing a superior job.

notyetLAUSD will be implementing ELA’s at all schools.  ELA’s will replace the existing parent-school compact that tries to make partnerships between parent and school at neighborhood schools.  As we role out ELA’s to all campuses we will pilot ‘Thin’ ELA’s out our lowest performing campuses.  So called ‘thin’ ELA’s remove even extra parent and children rights so we can focus on the child.  Children failing to meet the ELA at 3 schools will be struck out of the district.  Families can no longer expect the welfare state tenure that traditional schools have offered families.

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