Saturday, September 14, 2013

U d’serve TangZ 10” uPad

You might be frustrated with the iPads, but my outrage started when I heard Los Angeles voted for bond money to be spent on reducing over crowded schools. I was stuck in a face palm for a year.  The whole point of overcrowded schools is to drive families away from Los Angeles and alleviate congestion on the freeways.   And it worked for LAUSD, and Los Angeles in general. We finally started enjoying a decline in families and their resource sapping kids.  Then voter approved bond money began to build schools.

At first I thought they were going to build more monoliths as quickly and cheaply as they could.  I though LAUSD would send a message to the families of Los Angeles; “We don’t want you, but we don’t want a fine from the health department, so hear is a little more space”

LAUSD didn’t build monoliths; they hired real architects and designers.  LAUSD built modern looking schools with all sorts of goodies in areas with poor people; poor people that clog my freeways.

And now LAUSD is giving students iPads.

This needs to stop.  What kind of message is LAUSD sending?

 notYet LAUSD is taking over the iPad4allz  to buy the TangZ 10” uPad.  It can be had for $99 at most major drug stores.   The TangZ can run apps?  No one will steal the TangZ 10” uPad.   Like the monoliths of before, the TangZ will check the box of state auditors while helping to keep traffic congestion down.

If we want to keep our freeways clear, we need to bring back the monoliths.  We need to tell kids they are worth the TangZ 10” uPad.  With clear freeways we will have cleaner air and that is good for the kids.  

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